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Silky Steps

Glamour and sweat fill any room Silky Steps plays. The 5-piece takes the pop side of funk and disco by its horns. At the helm, a combo of male-female lead vocals sing about about the X-rated side of life. Plentiful synths and suave basslines get all the right juices flowing. All the while a musical guest will pop in here and there to provide a sax solo, sing a ref or throw down a little rap.

The latter is especially true for their upcoming LP “Universal Language,” as 2023 sees the group step up their game in a big way. With the new offering, Silky Steps steer their spaceship straight into planet Groove. So it’s only natural they signed to Funk Embassy Records for their second LP. The album is released digitally and available on vinyl since June ’23. Silky Steps looks forward to populate the scene for the fans of L’imperatrice, Breakbot, Parcels, Jungle and Nile Rodgers to name a few.

Silky Steps is a part of Funk Embassy’s Creative Hub, which is being built and developed with the help of Enterprise Estonia.
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