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“Booties SHaken, Not Stirred.”

We set out in 2016 to unite the local community with that of the world. Our means on this mission have been radio shows, concerts, DJ-parties, booking, PR and record label works. The crew:

Name: Henrik Ehte
Role: Ambassador of Funk
Funktion: Founder
Name: Matis Oolup aka Skidoo
Role: Web wiz, DJ, beatmaker
Funktion: Maker of the website

Name: Raili Ots
Role: Lady of Merch
Funktion: Right-hand woman
Name: Roma Vjazemski
Role: Co-host of the radio show, DJ, beatmaker
Funktion: Selector of the highest order

General overview of past & present Estonian acts, initiatives, radio shows that have funk-soul-disco either in the middle of their core or at least on the periphery:

  1. Current live acts from Estonia: Lexsoul Dancemachine, Rita Ray, Doktor Normal, Ashilevi, The Motown Sound, Joshua Stephenz, Afro Tallinn Beat Orchestra, Estrada Orchestra, Siro Fax, Siim Aimla Funk Band, Sofia Rubina, Anett Kulbin, Arg Part, Josmarine, Gram-of-Fun, Ike Rann, Seltskond Pargis and more.
  2. Past live acts (some still active): Smoke’n’Smile, Teravik, Collage, Uku Kuut, Gunnar Graps & Magnetic Band, Uno Naissoo, Tõnu Naissoo, Raivo Tammik, Jaan Kuman, Els Himma, Marju Kuut, Tõnis Mägi & Music Seif, Valter Ojakäär, Tarmo ja Toomas Urb, Velly Joonas, Elektra, Heidy Tamme, Ele ja Kaja Kõlar, Tornaado, Monitor, Radar, Fix, Psycho, Mobile and more.
  3. Studio projects: Misha Panfilov Sound Combo, Fruit Express, Dead End Boogie, Penza Penza, Hanz Mumbo & his Cigarettes, Weizenberg Group and more.
  4. Producers: Misha Panfilov, Maryn E. Coote, Martin Laksberg & Robert Linna (Solid Gold Sound), Ruutu Poiss, Ranon, Rando Arand, Photoindustries, Sander Mölder, Dr. Philgood, Kalm, Skidoo, Wisbeat and more.
  5. DJs: Will update list in future.
  6. Community Facebook group: Soul Funk Disco Eesti.
  7. Party series in Estonia: Gulf & Sagadi discos, Öömaja, Must Mesi, Tiks, Soulimelomaanid, Jive Turkey, Mojo Estonia, Disco Tallinn, One Night in Bangkok, Jazzitup, Helind, Kalamari Unioon, Disco Obscura, Nothing But Net, Soulmate and more.
  8. Radio shows: Love Raadio, Jazzitup, Soulmate, Rhythm Doctor, Must Mesi, Frotee, Hedonic Italic, Estonian Funk Embassy, Kink Konk, Ottimo FM, Öömaja, Psühhodisko, Zubrovka FM and more.
  9. Record Labels: Frotee Records, RR Gems Records, Umblu, Funk Embassy Records, Tiks Records, Rets Records, Hyper Records, Sad Fun and more.