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Watch: LEXSOUL dancemachine “Money” music video

Official music video for “Money” feat. Cory Wong. Check out the game of “War” with everything at stake. Can your favorite heroes from Lexsoul Dancemachine make it?!

Written by: Martin Laksberg, Robert Linna, Cory Wong, Kristen Kütner, Jürgen Kütner, Caspar Salo, Joonas Sarapuu, Luiz Black.
Lyrics by: Robert Linna
Produced by: Solid Gold Sound
Released by: Funk Embassy Records
Recorded by: Martin Laksberg
Mixing: Martin Laksberg
Mastering: Jörgen Hermaste
Vocals: Robert Linna
Drums: Caspar Salo
Bass: Martin Laksberg
Guitar solo: Cory Wong
Guitar 1: Jürgen Kütner
Guitar 2: Kristen Kütner
Keyboards: Joonas Mattias Sarapuu